OSIAS LS Swap Fuel Filter and Fuel Pump Kit

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    Deluxe LS Swap Fuel Filter / Regulator features AN6 fittings built into assembly
    Includes Deluxe GM LS Swap Fuel Filter/Regulator, In-Line Hi-Pressure Fuel Pump, LS1/LT1 EFI Fuel Line Fitting and Vapor Guard Straight Hose End
    Reduce the number of specialty fittings and adapters in your LS swap fuel system
    Electric fuel pump inlet fitting: 3/8" hose barb, Electric fuel pump outlet fitting: 5/16" Hose Barb
    Horsepower rating (naturally aspirated): 500 HP, 12 volts
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To make your LS1 transplant a little less painful, we put together these kits for you. If you already have a fuel pump in the tank, use the filter/regulator kit .

This kit includes a high pressure 255lph MSD in-line pump capable of 43 gph @ 40 psi or 39 gph @ 80 psi, a filter/regulator assembly, and all necessary fittings (including fuel rail fitting and hard-to-find -6 AN female to 5/16" hose barb fitting). Pump draws only 5.4 amps and supports up to 500 horsepower. Pump features 3/8" hose barb inlet and 5/16" barb outlet.

Hose and additional fittings sold separately. MSD pump requires the use of 5/16" high pressure rubber hose with appropriate fuel injection hose clamps for the pressure side of the pump. New Vapor Guard hose, fittings and clamps shown below are now available for your one stop shop and to help make this install a snap.


  • Principal Application:  Chevrolet Corvette ('99-'04)
  • Filter Style:  Fuel (Complete In-Line) Filter
  • Filter Service:  Fuel
  • Filter Type:  Full Flow
  • Filter Media:  Paper
  • Filter Height:  5.755"
  • Filter Outer Diameter Top:  2.230"
  • Nominal Micron Rating:  5
  • Regulated Pressure:  58 psi (fixed, non-adjustable)
  • Pump Flow @ 40 psi:  43 gph (282 lb/hr) gasoline
  • Pump Flow @ 80 psi:  39 gph gasoline
  • Pump Operation:  12 volts/5.4 amps
  • Pump Inlet:  3/8" hose nipple
  • Pump Outlet:  5/16" hose nipple
  • Includes 2 cushioned mounting clamps and 4 mounting bolts




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