OSIAS Mini Cooper High Pressure Fuel Pump 13517573436

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    100% Brand New In OSIAS Original Package
    Replaces 13517573436,, 13517588879, 13537528345, 1920LL,, 9819938480
    IF CAN'T Sure , Just Send Out the VIN Before Order ,Just for Mini Cooper N14 Engine 2006-2010
    2 years Warranty
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Important: When you buy the pump,please confirm that your car's engine model is N14 or N18.

Note: please check your vehicle's fuel pump work pressure(at least 5Bar) first before replace our "HPFP", because HPFP need at least 5 bar work pressure start to work. check below chart.

This listing for car 2007-2010 only , not for car after 2011,Don't waste time to try . The right (ASIN: B08R28Q9H5) for car 2011-2014 .Pls Accept the truth.


The function of OSIAS mini cooper high pressure fuel pump is to increase fuel pressure, burning the fuel more efficiently with high pressure injection to enhance the power of vehicle. Our complete Quality Control System and Professional Test Process can ensure that each pump delivers required stable pressure and won’t lose it to keep vehicle powerful.

Each mini cooper high pressure fuel pump is tested by special high pressure pump testing facility strictly. After that, the pump ran on the running testing facility more than 1-hour, then stored in the semi-finished warehouse more then 7-day. Finally, tested before delivery. Each pump is tested strictly to ensure quality perfect.

The inside of package is foam support which can avoid damaging to pump by transportation.

Our price is reasonable which is much cheaper than original one.

Our principle is to serve and satisfy the customer with high quality product.

Poor cold starts, extended start cycles, rough jumpy starts in the morning, slow acceleration response, poor fuel economy, and multiple misfire codes on a daily basis Will be disappear After install this pump .Most important : run for long long time just like Genuine promise.



Right installation For Mini Cooper High Pressure Fuel Pump

1.Firstly, you need to check the connection between body pump and pressure valves, see if it is tackless or not. If this unusual situation happens, please get in

contact with us ASAP and DO NOT install the pump. Your cooperation will help each other avoid unnecessary loss.(The main cause of tackless part is the improper

operation of the express company, most situation is squeezing and crashing during transit ).

2. Before installation, you need to wash the oil circuit and change the pump strainer first. High quality gas is highly requested when high pressure fuel pump works, impure

gas will create terrible damage to HPFP. If you didn’t wash the oil circuit, the HPFP may reduce use age after installation.

3. Please check the O Ring before installation, make sure the O ring is flat on the pump. It is highly requested when install the Mini Cooper HPFP.  



Fuel pump standard parameters:


    • voltage range: 6V-16V
    •   nominal voltage: 12V ±0.1V
      •   petrol work pressure: 5.0bar---5.9bar
        •   diesel work pressure: 3.6bar----5.9bar
          •   temperature range: -40---85℃





            MODEL                 TYPE                               ENGINE



            Mini R55        All Cooper S & JCW models         N14 



            Mini R56        All Cooper S & JCW models         N14 



            Mini R57        All Cooper S & JCW models         N14




            Mini R58        All JCW models                          N14



            Mini R59            All JCW models                                   N14








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