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Meet Our Team

  • Ruibiao Dai
    President & CEO

    RuiBiao Dai started out his career in 2012, at the age of 26, as an autoparts foreign trade salesman in fuel pump factory.
    By 29, Ruibiao founded OSIAS fuel pump and ran online business.
    After years of struggling in e-commerence, he setted up osias official website.
    Nowdays, OSIAS has grown organically from a three people company to a 40 people trading and manufacturing company.

    The goal now is to transform OSIAS into a global example of excellence in fuel system part.
  • Allen
    Supply Chain Manager

    Allen has been in OSIAS Fuel System since 2020.
    As a supply chain manager,he has plentiful experience in planning ,scouring, and delivering.
    He dose oversee and manage overall supply chain and logistic operations to maximize efficiency and minimize the cost of company.
    He has familiar with MRPI/ERP system and the production logistics and supply chain operation process, familiar with ISO9000 quality system ISO14000 environmental protection system.
    He has rich human resources organization ability; Strong sense of responsibility and strong professional ethics advocate team spirit, good communication and coordination skills.
  • Enlai Chen
    Sales Manager

    Enlai graduated from Industrial Design at Jiaxing University and joined OSIAS in 2016 as the Marketing Director.
    He is responsible for the online sales business of OSIAS, developing and implementing long-term online strategies to help the company increase its visibility and boost product Sales.
    His advantages lie in product optimization, page design, and content strategy.
    Provide customers with better products and purchasing experiences.