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Author: Cliff M Rickard -

So far works great

  • Review Add on: 14/10/2023
  • Average Rating: (5)

Installed in '08 Softail Custom FXSTC.
The box contained everything I needed to install, with several additional pieces I didn't use (for other models).
The supplied fuel line was too short and was not clamped on the pump.
My stock hose would not pull off my stock pump - so I cut it off below the hose at the pump and then drilled out the plastic nub inside the stock fuel hose (from cutting the nub off the stock pump). Then I used my factory hose with the supplied hose clamp.
Inlet sock connector didn't click into pump base very well (loose) and the sock opening itself didn't get a great a great seal into the pump, but it fit just fine. I question if this will cause premature failure in xxx miles. We'll see.
Overall I'm satisfied. I ride to work daily and did the install about a month ago.
Took me an hour to do the job - and I've never done a fuel pump before.

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