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OSIAS on the Lanco Speedway

By RuiBiao Dai - 19 Aug 2021 1267 0 comments
OSIAS on the Lanco Speedway

In 2021, OSIAS, the fuel pump production company, joined the Meshey Motorsports family. OSIAS is one of the product sponsors of Meshey Motorsports. Meshey Motorsports is a local go-kart racing team in PA. This year, Meshey Motorsports will follow the schedule of the Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.

This event has an average of 100,000 spectators each year. Along with the event, they are local minor events that are broadcast live on The National Racing Network once a week.

Olivia Thayer is a talented race driver of Meshey Motorsports Team. Till now, she has won 25 games in all departments of kart racing. The kart that Oliva is driving on the track uses a 340LPH fuel pump manufactured by OSIAS. OSIAS 340LPH fuel pump is made of Carbon brush and Carbon Commutator, which is suitable for E85 Flex fuel.


We do hope Oliva can get better results on the Lanco Speedway this year.


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