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How To Identify a Failing Fuel Pump?

By RuiBiao Dai - 20 Apr 2023 1204 0 comments
How To Identify a Failing Fuel Pump?

How To Identify a Failing Fuel Pump?

The fuel system comprising the fuel pressure regulator within your vehicle ensures that fuel reaches the engine so that your car keeps running. Within that fuel system resides the fuel pump, which transports the gasoline from the tank to the engine at constant pressure.

Due to this, it is important to inspect for potential signs which might lead to a failing OSIAS E85 fuel pump.

The Symptoms

• Jerks of Sputter During High Speeds

If you notice that your car engine has started to make explosive sounds while you are driving at particularly high speeds, or if your car starts to randomly jerk while you are speeding on the freeway, then you may want to get your fuel pump checked right way as it might be failing.

If you feel like the sputter lasts only a minute or so, the fuel pump might be in the initial stages of failure.

• Your Engine Starts To Surge

If a failing fuel pump is not taken care of during its initial stages, it starts to lose durability, which begins to adversely affect the other parts within your engine as well, eventually reaching a point where the pressure contained within your fuel lines starts to become inconsistent.

This inconsistency, in turn, affects the engine and overall car performance, causing the surge of acceleration in the vehicle in the form of randomly accelerating even when a gas pedal is left free.

• Your Vehicle Loses Power during Acceleration

When accelerating from a complete halt, especially if you use the vehicle for Powersports, you might notice that your car starts to lose power during acceleration, which is a cause for a failing ATV fuel pump.

Your car engine needs comparatively more fuel to accelerate, increasing pressure on your fuel pump.

Due to this, if your Kawasaki mule fuel pump is failing, it might not be able to deliver the required fuel for accelerating, resulting in a tendency for your engine to come short of the fuel needed to accelerate, leading to your car losing power during acceleration.


The fuel pump is designed to ensure the smooth operation of your engine, so it is important to look out for the above mentioned key symptoms before the pump begins to fail so that you can get it repaired immediately.

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