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The Working Principle of High Pressure Fuel Pump

By RuiBiao Dai - 1 Jan 2018 2028 0 comments
The Working Principle of High Pressure Fuel Pump

1.Suction. The one-way valve is opened due to suction when the inside piston formed a vacuum. Then it could suck fuel.
2.Fuel return. Excess fuel return to the low-pressure end.
3.Pumping. The piston moves upward to generate fuel pressure. When the pressure exceeds the pressure of the specified pressure valve, the pressure valve is opened and the fuel is pumped into the fuel rail and flows to the direct injection nozzle.

OSIAS high-pressure fuel pump quality control
The production process of the OSIAS high-pressure fuel pump is produced and controlled in strict accordance with the IATF16949:2016 standard. After each pump is produced, it must be tested and run-in on special equipment.
After the running-in, it will be frozen and placed for some time in an ultra-low temperature environment. Then, carry out the test again. After it is fully qualified, we pack and ship. By doing so, we ensure that OSIAS high-pressure fuel pump can work smoothly in any environment.


To avoid misjudgment, please pay attention to the below points before judging whether the high-pressure fuel pump is damaged:
The premise of the normal operation of the OSIAS high-pressure fuel pump is that the low-pressure fuel pump provides sufficient fuel pressure and, please first check whether the low-pressure fuel pump is in working condition.
The fuel pressure sensor feeds back the data of the output pressure of the high-pressure fuel pump to the ECU, and the ECU analyzes these data and feeds it back to the high-pressure fuel pump so that the pressure data output by the high-pressure fuel pump meets the value required by the user, so the pressure sensor must be qualified. Whether the direct injection nozzle is in working condition.

The main symptoms of a damaged high-pressure fuel pump are:
1.Failure of the engine to start
2.Car jerking or engine shaking when accelerating and starting
3.weak acceleration

To increase the use-life of the high-pressure fuel pump, it is necessary to ensure that the fuel is clean and the filter should be replaced frequently. Finally, it's better to use our OSIAS low-pressure fuel pump.
The motor used in our OSIAS low-pressure fuel pump is a graphite commutator, which has a long use-life and low noise. It can work perfectly with any fuel type (E85, diesel, ordinary gasoline)


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